SEI READI Inc. is in the process of preparing a Regional Growth and Development Strategy for the six county region that includes Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio, Ripley, Switzerland and Union Counties. This Regional Growth and Development Strategy will be used to apply for a competitive grant and/or loan commitment offered by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)as a part of the READI 2.0 program.

How will we use the information: The project information collected during this ‘Request for Project Information’ will be used to estimate and set target goals for the SEI Region’s READI 2.0 investment.

What will we not do with the information: We will not be including detailed information on proposed projects in the submitted Strategy. We also will not limit the project identification process to only this Request for Project Information.

For more information on the READI 2.0 initiative, including a Policy Overview and Application Guidance, please visit


To prepare for the Request for Project Information, SEI READI Inc. is providing this informational sheet to help individuals and entities with project ideas to begin gathering baseline information and materials. Project activities are limited to capital projects or infrastructure improvements.

Additionally, the project must advance one of the following regional goals:

  • Housing and Neighborhoods:

We will increase the total number of housing units throughout the region and ensure that units are available at attainable price points based on regional incomes and annual wage earnings.

  • Tourism, Recreation, and Lifestyle:

We will reinforce the region’s competitive advantage as an outdoor destination, through the development and enhancement of recreational features, residential amenities, and supporting quality-of-life programs.

  • Infrastructure:

We will ensure that the region’s infrastructure systems meet the needs of our current and future residents and businesses.

  • Business Retention, Growth, and Attraction:

We will grow the local and regional economy by supporting business recruitment, expansion, and attraction efforts, to generate more high paying jobs.

  • Child care:

We will expand access to quality and affordable daycare and early education programs throughout the region.

All final project materials are due by December 22, 2023.

Call-for-Ideas-Handout-Materials-Needed.pdf (

You must make an appointment to discuss your project information
by December 8th, 2023.