The land around the I-74 and SR 101 Interchange development are very limited due to the lack of sanitary sewer infrastructure. Sewer service is essential to the development of this area. State Road 46 crosses SR 101 approximately ½ mile south of I-74. The area along SR 46 is also desirable for development, with excellent transportation access and public water supply.

The proposed project includes the construction of a sanitary sewer lift station at the intersection of State Road 101 and State Road 46, approximately ½ mile south of I-74. This location was selected in order to most efficiently serve existing development and provide sewer accessibility for development around the I-74 interchange with SR 101. Gravity sewer could be extended from this lift station to the north, south, east, and west. An additional lift station may be required in the future to serve development on the north side of I-74

The lift station shall be installed with two pumps, with one serving as a backup. Two force mains shall be installed in parallel for the initial phase of construction. The 6” force main would provide for a long-term capacity of up to 300 Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs) (1 EDU = 310 gpd wastewater flow per house). A 2” force main shall be installed parallel to the 6” force main in order to serve the short-term needs. There is not currently enough potential flow for good operation of a 6” force main. The smaller 2” force main will better meet short-term needs and provide for better overall operation.

Ripley County Economic Development is honored to be a part of the SEI READI group to assist Ripley County with these opportunities.

Pictured from left to right:

Gary Norman (Ripley Co Economic Development), Mary McCarty (SIRPC), Carol Eckstein (Sunman Town Board), Cheryl Taylor (Sunman Clerk Treasurer), Perry Cassidy (Sunman Utilities)